About Me

Welcome to Among the Authors! I’m Julianne, and this is my little space on the web to review my recent reads, share my own successes and struggles with writing, and to tell you about the books that I’m eagerly anticipating. My hope is to one day publish and be placed among the authors on the bookshelves of readers. I worked in libraries for the past seven years and obtained my MSLS from the University of Kentucky. I recently had to leave the library to deal with some health issues, but this has allowed me to devote more time to my passions for reading and writing. I write freelance content, my own creative fiction, and -of course- this blog!

I’m an Ohio native who spends a good chunk of time in West Virginia and whose heart is happiest in Kentucky. I run a writing group called Wicked Wordsmiths of the West, and we’ve experimented with self publishing two anthologies of our short stories (Wicked Words, a horror anthology perfect for Halloween, and Stories from the Stacks, a collection of stories set in the library). I’ve been the NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison for my region for so many years that I’ve lost count now. I’m getting married in September 2018 to my best friend in the whole wide world, and we have three adorable furbabies (Otis, a pug; Charleigh, a terrier mix; Luna, a husky). I’m also an obsessive foodie, so if you happen to follow me on any social media (@amongtheauthors on Twitter and Instagram), prepare to be bombarded by photos of books, dogs, and delicious meals.

This blog started primarily as a way to review Young Adult titles, but as time has gone on, I’ve found myself wanting to share with others my thoughts on books from a variety of genres. So, you’ll start seeing that reflected in the reviews posted here. I have a major love for thrillers and suspense novels, as well as fantasy, graphic novels, and just about any book I put my hands on.



I do accept direct requests for reviews from authors, publishers, etc. that email me. Due to the volume of these requests and having a pretty packed schedule with my life outside of this blog, I cannot possibly review them all. However, by providing the following information in your request, it will help me decide if I’m a good match for your book!
– Title and short summary
– Genre
– Length
– Are you interested in participating in a giveaway or interview?
– My review will be honest, but I understand that not everyone will share my opinions. I’m simply laying out my thoughts and feelings about what I’ve read so that I may help others discover books that appeal to them. For books that I dislike, I still try to find redeeming qualities that might appeal to other readers. Do you understand and accept that I will present my honest opinions about the book whether I liked it or not?

All requests should be emailed to julianne0208@gmail.com 



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